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"We are prisoners of the future because we will be ensnared by our past."

- Peter Bernstein


AQR looks at implications of higher interest rates for asset allocation. Their analysis shows when cash rates are higher, stocks and illiquid alternatives tend to underperform, bonds do a good job of passing the cash rate to investors, and liquid alternatives have done best of all.

Source: Global Financial Data, Federal Reserve, Bloomberg and AQR. Results shown are the average across the three rules described previously, and the average across 1-, 12- and 36-month horizons. Cash is U.S. 3-month T-Bill. For U.S. IG Credit, chart A shows excessof-Treasury return and chart B shows credit excess return plus corresponding Treasury return.

Bonus Content

Bill Gurley gave a great presentation about regulatory capture and its harm to society (25 minutes). Link

In this 1997 lecture, Peter Lynch shares some great old school stock stories on Dunkin' Donuts, CVS, Taco Bell, Walmart, Polaroid, Blockbuster, Home Depot, Microsoft, & more (47 minutes)! Link

A great read on the business of money management, risk mitigation, and wealth preservation. Link

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report on contactless and smartphone payments in the U.S. Link

Bloomberg’s Javier Blas wrote about Africa's lost decade and why the continent’s social and political malaise are symptoms of economic distress — not the causes. Link

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9/15/23 - 49 minutes

Rob Arnott shares lessons from the tech bubble, how AI may impact the economy and markets, smart beta, and more.

9/22/23 - 110 minutes

GMO’s Jeremy Grantham discusses the evolution of bubbles in relation to the market today, the quality factor and GMO’s entrance into the ETF space, and why he’s concerned about global fertility rates.

9/20/23 - 84 minutes

Benchmark’s Sarah Tavel covers the state of venture capital, AI’s impact on startups & more.


Meb Faber talked with John Davi about protecting against inflation, global investment opportunities, and diversifying beyond a 60/40 portfolio.

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