Eclectic Thoughts

I sent out copies of our new book, Shareholder Yield:  A Better Approach to Dividend Investing,  to all of our subscribers the other day, let me know if you didn’t receive a copy.   The archives have also been activated, and I will probably update them once a month or so.

On to this week’s issue.  I always enjoy reading, or listening to, Hugh Hendry’s commentaries.  They are often contrarian, often opinionated, often right, and never boring.  Below is his Q1 Eclectica Fund review, followed by fund performance.

A quick quote before the downloads:


“In summary, as we move into the second quarter the key elements of our portfolio are as follows: long the Tokyo stock market trading just barely greater than its 50 year moving average (comparable to where gold traded ten years ago and where the Dow Jones traded shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941), long low variance US equities, long the US dollar and receiving fixed income at the short end  sovereign curves.”


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