GMO: "A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity"

“The purpose of volatility is to make people make stupid decisions.”

Jared Dillian


GMO compares two ways to take advantage of the USD’s richness versus emerging market currencies: EM equities and EM local currency debt. They believe EM local currency debt deserves a prominent place in portfolios today due to relative value, diversification and potential alpha.

J.P. Morgan published an updated Guide to the Markets to start 2024.

Facts & Figures

“The United Nations food agency's world price index ended last year about 10% below its 2022 levels.” Link

"There are 17 American men in history who have run under 2:10 in the marathon. There were 32 Kalenjin (an East African tribe) who did it in October of 2011." Link

“The Bloomberg Magnificent 7 Price Return Index more than doubled in 2023, contributing to a gain of 54% for the Nasdaq 100 Index. An equal-weighted version of that index, however, gained less than 33%, while an index of small-cap tech rose less than 21%.” Link

The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns from 2014 - 2023. Link

“A staggering 19.6% of office space in major U.S. cities wasn’t leased as of the fourth quarter, according to Moody’s Analytics, up from 18.8% a year earlier. That is slightly above the previous records of 19.3% set in 1986 and 1991 and the highest number since at least 1979, which is as far back as Moody’s data go.” Link


1/6/24 - 88 minutes

These four had an entertaining and informative conversation on the state of startups, AI & venture capital today.

1/11/24 - 55 minutes

Ashby Monk & David Weisburd discuss the role and operation of asset owners like pension funds and endowments, their compensation structures, the state of US pensions, & more.

9/20/23 - 102 minutes

In a rare media appearance, Tom Brady talks about motivation, his leadership philosophy, what goes into creating a strong culture, and the pursuit of excellence.

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