Intern & New Hire Resources

We spend a lot of time curating investment related content over time and decided to compile a list of resources to share with your interns and/or new hires.

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General Resources

  • Dan Rasmussen & Verdad Adviser’s shared their 52 page internship curriculum covering markets, quantitative investing, the business cycle and randomness. Link

  • AQR’s The Curious Investor podcast has 21 episodes on the most important ideas in finance. The episodes are timeless, educational and entertaining. Link

  • UBS’ Global Investment Returns Yearbook is a great guide to historical returns, covering 35 markets and five composite indexes, with some dating back to 1900. Link

  • Meb Faber shared his favorite books to learn about investing. Link

Online Webinars

  • Michael Mauboussin & Alfred Rappaport shared 10 online tutorials based on their book, Expectations Investing, to help you utilize the discounted cash flow model successfully. Link

  • Jan van Eck’s published five lectures that serve as a crash course in market history. Link

Career Advice

  • Bill Gurley gave an hour lecture to University of Texas MBA students on how to succeed and thrive in a career you love. Link

  • Theo Epstein explains how the 20% rule helped him become indispensable as a young leader in Major League Baseball. Link

Venture Capital

  • Last Money In published a fantastic Venture Capital Resource Starter Guide with research, podcasts and tools to get you up to speed venture capital. Link

  • a16z shared 16 key startup metrics with commentary around why these are important to investors. Link 

Behavioral Finance

  • GMO’s James Montier shared his seven sins of fund management. Link

  • Charlie Munger updated his famous talk, “The Psychology of Human Misjudgement.” Link

Personal Finance

  • Adam Nash published the course material for his personal finance course at Stanford. Link


  • We have playlists of all the podcasts we’ve recommended going back to 2017, along with top 20 episodes for 2021, 2022 and 2023. Link