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Name: DoombergFrequency: 6-8 articles per monthAudience: Professional & retail investorsCost: FreemiumAuthorDoombergTopics: Energy, finance, and the economy at-large

OverviewDoomberg began in May of 2021 to highlight the fundamentals missing from many economic and policy decisions, and it quickly grew to be one of the most widely read finance newsletters on Substack.

The content is borne out of the team’s deep experience in heavy industry, private equity, and the hard sciences. Family offices and c-suite executives hire them to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems – they operate as though their subscribers share those same expectations.

Doomberg prides themselves on early pattern recognition, connecting dots between seemingly unrelated subjects, and articulating the essence of complex topics in a way that makes them more accessible to the broader financial community. You can read more about their early warnings about the coming supply chainenergyfoodfertilizer, and water crises, as well as their ability to expose the insanity of our current policies around energynatural gas, and nuclear power. They also stand by the critical pieces they have written about cryptocurrencies, despite the onslaught of nasty comments from trolls such pieces typically generate. Given some of the bold calls they have made, it is natural that they would have a few high-profile misses. As it turned out, Jerome Powell was not finished, and the silver squeeze has not yet worked. Nobody bats a thousand, and they always try to learn how and why they end up being wrong.


Doomberg has also offered to share two older pieces that cover topics in the news today:

  • Moribund Verbund (July, 2022) – anticipated the effect of the energy crisis on Germany’s industrial sector

  • Dollars Ex Machina (January, 2022) – outlined their model for understanding the flow of fiat into and out of the crypto universe, and the Ponzi structure at play

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