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Name: The Macro Compass
Frequency: 4-12 notes per month
Audience: Professional & retail investors
Cost: Freemium
AuthorAlfonso Peccatiello (Alf)

OverviewThe Macro Compass is an investment strategy firm whose mission is to democratize professional macro analysis, tools and portfolio strategy. It is led by Alfonso “Alf” Peccatiello (Alf), who was previously the Head of Investments for a $20 billion portfolio for ING Germany. The Macro Compass leverages Alf’s experience running large pools of institutional money.

Free subscribers get an occasional educational piece, while paid subscribers get the following three products:

  • Unique Macroeconomic Insights - Weekly deep dives into macro events or timely & actionable reports 1-3x/week.

  • Actionable Investment Strategy - The Forever ETF portfolio equipped to deliver solid returns in different macro scenarios. Subscribers also get access to long/short macro trade ideas with a tactical horizon (2-8 weeks).

  • Interactive Tools - Access the Volatility-Adjusted Market Dashboard (VAMD), which is a global macro dashboard that standardizes cross-asset market moves by the underlying volatility.

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Alf’s recent piece uses a probabilistic framework to analyze whether we’re getting a recession or soft landing in 2024.

Alf has also shared a 20% discount for the first 50 people who purchase his Bond Market Course.

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The Bond Market Course includes:

  • Over 4 hours of content you can watch at any time after purchase

  • 8 lessons that cover a two-fold approach to understand the bond market, the yield curve, credit spreads and more

  • Alf’s supporting slides