Time for 2024 Outlooks!

I think 90% of investors add no value. My assessment (is) 70% of investors add negative value to a company.”

Vinod Khosla


Goldman Sachs’s macro team was more optimistic than their peers about 2023, and ended up being pretty accurate about what played out this year. Now they’re out with their 2024 macro outlook. Page 1 highlights seven points around inflation, growth, interest rates, recession risk and more.

In their 2024 outlook, PIMCO’s asset allocation team states they strongly favor fixed-income in multi-asset portfolios. They highlight bonds resilience, diversification, and attractive valuations compared with equities. They also state they’re neutral stance on equities and are focusing on quality and long-term resilience

Estimates only. There can be no assurance forward-looking returns will be achieved and actual results may vary substantially.

Bonus Content

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Matthias Hanauer shared 10 charts on the resurrection of the value premium. Link

Verdad thinks “the death of small-cap equities” is greatly exaggerated and believes in looking outside of the US for higher quality at a lower price. Link

Ken Griffin spends 33 minutes discussing geopolitics, U.S. debt levels and the state of both the hedge fund industry and U.S. politics. Link

Larry Swedroe takes an empirical look at the performance of major private equity firms. Link


10/24/23 - 52 minutes

Galloway opens up about his scarcity mindset (despite a $100M net worth), where he sees business opportunities today and his advice to young people about how to build wealth.

10/15/23 - 108 minutes

Keefe discusses his timeless investing principles, what he looks for in a great business, why managing money is a high calling & more.

5/29/2023 - 67 minutes

Author Luca Dellanna walks through the importance of avoiding ruin when facing risk.


Meb Faber spoke with Austin Root of Stansberry Asset Management about the combination of financial planning and asset management, private credit, international markets and more.

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