Seth Klarman’s Lessons from 2008

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“It is almost always better to be too early than too late, but you must be prepared for price markdowns on what you buy.”

Seth Klarman


AQR - Economic Trend (11 pages)

AQR takes a novel approach to investing across equity, bond, currency and commodity markets called "economic trend." This approach capitalizes on the tendency for new information to have a persistent impact on asset prices by positioning in each market on the basis of trends in macroeconomic fundamentals. Both economic trend and price trend-following aim to capitalize on the tendency of markets to systematically under-react to news and are complementary to each other.

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Looking for performance? Consider private markets

If your portfolio is focused on publicly-traded stocks and bonds, you may be leaving opportunities on the table.

More than 90% of companies are privately held, including some of the world’s largest companies such as Lego, IKEA and Publix. To find funding, these companies turn to private markets (aka private credit). These private credit deals typically have yields that exceed benchmark rates and the potential for ongoing cash flow.

For years, institutional investors have used private credit as a secret weapon to boost portfolio performance. Now you can too. Percent makes private credit investing available to retail accredited investors for as little as $500. Amp up your portfolio with:

  • High APY: average of 18.55% as of August 31, 2023

  • Shorter-term durations: from 9 months or less to several years, depending on investment goals

  • Welcome bonus: earn up to $500 bonus on your first investment

  • Diversification: access to small business lending in Latin America, Canadian mortgages, US merchant cash advances, and more

Visit Percent to create a free account and see all current offerings available. Unlock the asset class that can deliver diversification and greater resistance to inflation and volatility.


7/3/23 - 67 minutes

Robeco's Head of Conservative Equities talks about conservative investing, the low volatility anomaly, and the intricacies of running a low volatility strategy.

9/14/23 - 43 minutes

This episode is a masterclass on the creator economy. It touches all aspects, including sales, marketing, distribution, and how various companies like Shopify are used by creators today.

4/5/23 - 41 minutes

This episode walks through CrossHarbor's purchase of the Yellowstone Club (a private ski resort in Montana) from bankruptcy, what's transpired during 14-years of ownership, and their pending exit of the investment.


Meb Faber read his post titled, “What If You Owned No US Stocks?”

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