The Japanese Equity Market

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“There are quarters, there are years, there are even cycles when contrarian investing doesn’t work particularly well, but over long periods of time, it’s relentless.”

- Rob Arnott


James Montier looks at the Japanese equity market, which has continued to de-rate despite the improved fundamentals, which creates a potentially very interesting opportunity for investors.

AngelList provides an update on startups and venture capital, which saw an uptick in the activity rate and median valuations. The highlight the interest in AI/ML startups, the continual rise in geographic dispersion of startups outside of SF & NYC and an upward trend in startup card spend.

Facts & Figures

Half of the world’s cashews are sold by Costco. Source: WSJ

Americans paid $163.89 billion in credit card fees and interest in 2022. Source: WalletHub

The average ticket price for North American tours hit $120.11 this summer, a 7.4% increase over last year and up 27% from 2019, according to Pollstar. Source: WSJ

In 2016, China reported 17.86 million births. This week, it reported 9.56 million births for 2022. Source: Patrick Brown

"We use enough crude to fill about 6,500 Olympic-size swimming pools every day. More than a third of those swimming pools would be needed to quench the thirst of two countries: the US and China." Link

The trusted 60-40 investing strategy just had its worst year in generations. Source: WSJ

It is now 52% more expensive to buy a home than to rent one because of climbing mortgage rates. Link

17 states guarantee a Personal Finance course for all public high school students. Link

Source: Next Gen Personal Finance

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Farmland LP is one of the largest investment funds in the US focused on converting conventional farmland to organic, sustainably-managed farmland, and providing accredited investors access to the $3.8 trillion farmland market in the U.S.
Over the past 14 years, they have built a portfolio of more than 16,000 sustainably-managed acres.
Their goal is simple: to produce attractive returns for investors and tangible benefits for the environment.
And Farmland LP’s adherence to Certified Organic standards give investors’ confidence that its business practices align with their sustainable-investing goals.
In today’s world of high inflation, volatile markets and uncertainty, consider what other investors including Bill Gates and others are doing and add farmland to your investment portfolio.

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9/1/23 - 77 minutes

Famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen shares how s into a combination of tech and liberal arts in a way to fuel your writing.

9/1/23 - 49 minutes

In this must-listen VC-focused episode, Verdis Investment Management’s Jamie Rhode discussed data-driven investing, why power laws dominate venture capital, investing in first time managers, and more.

9/27/23 - 118 minutes

Farnam Street & The Knowledge Project host Shane Parrish covers topics from his new book, Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results. It’s a masterclass in how to optimizing decision-making & live a more intentional life.


Meb Faber talked with Que Nguyen about the Magnificent Seven, fundamental indexing and the relationship between inflation and stock valuations.

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