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“In this business it’s easy to confuse luck with brains.”

— Jim Simons


Bridgewater investigates which countries outside the U.S. are most beneficial from a diversification standpoint. They highlight China, Japan, Brazil & India as four countries that can be valuable diversifiers to a US-centric portfolio.

Morningstar offers a deep dive into the diversification potential of several major asset classes. They look at how key asset classes performed in 2023, how correlations have changed, and the implications for portfolio building.

Facts & Figures

1 in 13 Americans have participated in a multi-level marketing business. Link

74% of active ETF assets are in the Top 10 issuers. Link

California, which accounts for 12% of the nation’s population, was home to 30% of all commercial foreclosures in March 2024. Link

Microsoft’s yearly data center spend for the next few years is more than that of the Apollo program. Link

"Robinhood customers traded about 119 million options contracts in February, a monthly record in the company’s disclosures going back to January 2021." Link

The ebb and flow of country market caps since 1975.

There are large valuation differences between countries around the world today.

Regions marked red. Source: Norbert Keimling, Tanus Trust, Refinitiv. As of 4/23/2024

Farmland risk and return characteristics. Link

Invest Strategically in the $3.8 Trillion U.S. Farmland Market with Farmland LP

American farmland has been disappearing at 4 acres per minute since 2000, while the demand for food, especially healthy organic food, continues to rise.

Farmland LP is one of the largest investment funds in the US focused on converting conventional farmland to USDA-certified organic farmland.

With a portfolio of more than 16,000 organic and sustainably farmed acres and a 15-year track record of success, Farmland LP produces compelling returns for investors while benefiting the environment.

Amidst high inflation, volatile markets, and uncertainty, join large institutional investors, Bill Gates, and family offices by adding farmland to your investment portfolio.

To learn more about Farmland LP and the $250M Vital Farmland III fund currently open to accredited investors, visit or email [email protected].*


4/2/24 - 42 minutes

Lovelace discusses the firm’s investment process and culture, how he’s thinking about macro trends, and his lessons for leadership.

4/12/24 - 70 minutes

Weniger explains the 'pension wars' concept & the potential for a domino effect in global equity markets.

3/26/2024 - 64 minutes

Haskel is a Portfolio Strategist, Head of Client Service and Editor of Bridgewater’s Daily Observations. He discusses his experience at Bridgewater, diversification and his market outlook.

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