Principles for Investing Success

+ Dan Rasmussen, Jeff Currie, VC Power Laws, Randall Zisler & more!

Bull markets ignore bad news, and any good news is reason for a further rally.

Michael Platt


StepStone Group investigates what the primary driver of strong performance is for an institution’s venture portfolio. They say while gaining access and allocation to the best-performing funds matters, what arguably matters more is that a small number of vintage years within venture capital have historically produced most of the returns in venture capital.

Figure 2 below shows that 80% of venture capital returns have been driven by 22-30% of vintages over each of the measured periods. Said otherwise, of the 23 vintage years assessed, 80% of returns come from just 5-7 separate vintage years over the short, medium & long-term.

Vanguard shares a guide to help investors focus on what’s important and give them the best chance for investment success. Their principles focus on creating clear & appropriate investment goals, maintaining a balanced and diversified portfolio, minimize costs and maintain perspective and long-term discipline.

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A Pastor accused of a $3 million crypto scam says he may have ‘misheard God.’ Link

Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, and Google accounted for 8% of all North American VC dollars in 2023. This post looks at the implications for entrepreneurs and the VC market. Link

Vikram Mansharamani shared a thought-provoking list of 24 global developments to watch over the next five years. Link

Dan Rasmussen gave an 8 minute presentation on ‘what the market knows for sure that just ain’t so’ (Link):

  1. US is the best place to invest

  2. Growth is better than value

  3. Private is better than public

Commodities veteran Jeff Currie shares the bull case for commodities in 2024, the need for a mix of “green and brown” energy, and why he suggests being long volatility in the space (14 minutes). Link


56 minutes

Real estate investor Randall Zisler shares a wealth of knowledge related to real estate valuations, REITs, public vs. private real estate investing, and more.

5/26/23 - 93 minutes

Barry Ritholtz speaks with John Hope Bryant, founder & CEO of Operation HOPE Inc., the largest not-for-profit provider of financial literacy and economic empowerment tools in the US.

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