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I only want to be uncorrelated to the stock market when it goes down.

— Paul Podolsky


This brief piece from GMO explains why an abundance of cheap assets and appealing valuation spreads within asset classes presents the best relative asset allocation opportunity they’ve seen in 35 years.

The 2024 Guide to Retirement has great charts covering social security and Medicare, tax planning, withdrawal rates and more.

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“Remember, even if you don't have a position, you have a position. What do I mean by that? Well, pretend you want to buy GE. But you haven't yet. If GE goes up, and you haven't bought it, you experience pain. You are synthetically short. If you are thinking about shorting something, and you haven't yet, and it goes down, you feel pain. You are synthetically long. You can have mental positions as well as actual positions. Even if you don't have any positions at all, you can experience pain. Ain't trading great! You are never truly flat, because you are always thinking about doing something.”

- Jared Dillian, The Daily Dirtnap (source)

"Since the early 1990s, about 80% of the U.S. dominance has come from relative price/earnings multiple expansion versus non-U. S. stocks. People were paying less for the U.S. at the beginning, and now they are paying considerably more. Maybe that is justified; maybe things like U.S. tech dominance are real. But justified doesn’t mean repeatable. Justified at best means something isn’t going to reverse in a big way.

Looking to the future, the case that the U.S. will have permanently higher equity returns is pretty untenable. Even if U.S. companies are worth it, they are priced as such."

- Cliff Asness, AQR (source)

“I worry about some things in society—what social media is doing to all of us, which isn’t good. Often at speeches, people ask me for advice, and I say get a pitcher of water and a baseball bat. And if you would kindly drop your cellphone into the pitcher of water and take a baseball bat to your TV, you would feel much better.”

- David Kelly, J.P. Morgan Asset Management (source)

Multi-Factor Real Estate Exposure

The Cambria Global Real Estate ETF offers active exposure to global real estate through a systematic, multi-factor approach focused on value, quality and momentum, while emphasizing global exposure as well as diversification across REIT industry sub-sectors.

Get global real estate exposure with the Cambria Global Real Estate ETF, BLDG.

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2/26/2024 - 71 minutes

Legendary financier Michael Milken talks about his career, philanthropic interests and markets today. The next episode is with Milken’s personal attorney about the years post-Drexel & his pardon in 2020.

1/24/24 - 52 minutes

In Carl Richards’ new podcast, Josh Brown shares some moments that molded his financial perspective and approach to life.

3/15/2024 - 23 minutes

The Planet Money podcast investigates the rum war, a tax scheme and Captain Morgan.

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