The Idea Farm #3 – AUD, CAD, and KO vs. Gold

Below is our third issue of The Idea Farm Weekly!

In this issue we highlight a report from Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, a NYC investment research firm that has been publishing quality newsletters since 1983.

Download the issue here:  Bubble in Safety.  

This issue details some interesting perspectives on a number of topics including potential shorts in the Aussie and Canadian Dollars.  Great chart below on household debt to disposable income in a few countries:

Also available are sample issues from April 2012 and March 2011.

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About Grant’s:

Grant’s Interest Rate Observer is an independent, value-oriented and contrary-minded journal of the financial markets. We publish 24 times a year. Our mission is to identify investment opportunities in a range of markets at both extremes of valuation, high and low alike. A typical 12-page issue is likely to contain a long idea, a short idea, a macroeconomic comment and a monetary or credit analysis (and, of course, one of our famous cartoons). Without bragging, we like to think that we are the financial-information medium that least resembles CNBC.