The Idea Farm #6 – Hedge Fund Wisdom

Below is our sixth issue of The Idea Farm Weekly!  If you are enjoying the emails please feel free to pass along to your friends and colleagues.

Long time readers of my blog know that we spend a lot of time looking through 13F filings.  Learning from the best investors on the planet is the main reason we started The Idea Farm.  Understanding the methods of Buffet and Klarman can not only lead to outsized returns, but can improve the framework of any investor.

In this issue we highlight a report from Hedge Fund Wisdom (HFW).  HFW is a premium quarterly newsletter published by Jay at Market Folly.  Jay has been writing about what stocks top hedge funds have been buying and selling since 2008, and his blog and newsletter are some of my favorite resources.  Included in this issue are profiles of 25 hedge funds, as well as expanded coverage of three stocks that hedge funds are currently buying.

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About Hedge Fund Wisdom

Written by hedge fund analysts, the newsletter reveals the latest portfolios of 25 top hedge funds, provides expert commentary on their moves, and features equity analysis of stocks that prominent managers have been buying.  Published once every quarter, the newsletter saves you time by aggregating everything into one convenient document. HFW offers both yearly and quarterly subscription options.