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Below is our “Top Podcast” list with our curator, Colby Donovan!

Today we have Jeremy Grantham’s thoughts on the markets, author Sebastian Mallaby with a must-listen on venture capital, Eric Crittenden on all-weather investing and comedian Tim Dillon on his time as a mortgage broker.


  • ***Must Listen*** Thoughts in Between: exploring how technology collides with politics, culture and society: Sebastian Mallaby: What is venture capital good for? Mallaby recently released The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future, which is the topic of the episode. He walks through the evolution of venture capital in the US, why it’s such a unique asset class, and why he believes that it is a hallmark of American capitalism. He also touches on the differences between hedge fund investors and VCs and the impact of recent news from Tiger & Sequoia. [February 7, 2022–54 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link

  • The Long View: Jeremy Grantham: The U.S. Market Is in a Super Bubble. GMO’s Jeremy Grantham talks about many of the recent topics he wrote about in his note, Let The Wild Rumpus Begin. He puts the elevated prices of stocks, bonds, commodities and housing into historical perspective. Then he touches on the impact inflation has on stock multiples, implications of rising food and oil prices, and the fight to stop climate change. He also touches on his dislike of the Fed and the situation they’re in today. [February 8, 2022–55 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link

  • The Acquirers Podcast: Value After Hours S04 E05: Value Best 50 Days, Misinformation, $QRATE vs $ZM Update. This fun ‘radio-show’ episode is with Tobias Carlisle, Bill Brewster, and Jake Taylor. They start with Brewster’s post-mortem on his Qurate investment and why the stock hasn’t performed like he thought it would. Then Taylor shares some recent books he’s read (see below) and his takeaways from each. Finally, Carlisle talks about the podcast and media businesses and what it takes for someone to profitably run a podcast. [February 7, 2022–66 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link

  • Excess Returns: Motley Fool Founder David Gardner on Finding Rule Breaking Growth Stocks. Gardner shares his unique approach to public market investing, applying a VC-esque mentality to look for 10–100 baggers. He walks through his investment criteria, his belief that having a sell-discipline doesn’t matter, and the biggest wins and losses in his career. His framework is different from most investors you hear from and will most likely challenge some of your own investing beliefs. He finishes the episode with what he’s learned from running the Motley Fool’s first venture capital fund and why he chose to step down from the firm. [February 7, 2022–69 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link

  • The Compound and Friends: Fake Business with Tim Dillon. Comedian Tim Dillon covers his time as a mortgage broker, the future of the creator economy and NFTs, his views on crypto, and more. It’s a fun episode with someone who’s obviously a successful comedian but has some background in financial services with his time in the mortgage business. [February 7, 2022–47 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link

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  • #389 — Eric Crittenden, Standpoint Asset Management — The Market Owes You Nothing. Eric Crittenden is the Chief Investment Officer of Standpoint Asset Management, an investment firm focused on bringing all-weather portfolio solutions to US investors. Eric starts by discussing the potential impact of inflation on investors’ portfolios. Then he shares what led him to start a new firm focused on giving people what they need in a format they want — which he believes is a mix of trend following and global equity beta. He touches on diversification and why he’s a true believer in trend following. [February 9, 2022–75 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link


Jake Taylor (CEO, Farnam Street Investments): 

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