13F Time

t is that time of the year, where each Q we get a peek into what the hedgies are doing.  I now run a private fund starting Jan 1 that tracks my 10 favorite funds (at 2X leverage) with a dynamic value (CAPE) and trend hedge (long term ) so that net exposure is somewhere between 0 and 100%.  Not surprisingly it is about half hedged right now since valuations are high but the trend remains up.  I’m not marketing the fund or looking for investors, just trying to be transparent about how I invest and mainly wanted to set it up for my own money as I am the only investor.
Anyways, below are two reports focusing on activists and the big hedgies from two different shops.  Both well worth a read.

Charts & download:



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Activist Corner – StockPucker

Hedge Fund Ownership Report – Novus