1,750x Investment

“There is nothing so unstable as a stabilized price level.”

–  Jim Grant


DoubleLine – Finding a Bottom in Equities (9 pages)

DoubleLine’s Macro Asset Allocation Team covers drawdowns, bear markets, and some thoughts on potential paths forward for equities.

AngelList and SVB – The State of U.S. Early-Stage Venture Capital & Startups: 2Q22 (21 pages)

Silicon Valley Bank with a Q2 2022 update on the venture capital and startup market.

Book Recommendations

Jeff Currie (Global Head of Commodities Research, Goldman Sachs)

Mellody Hobson (Co-CEO of Ariel Investments, Chairwoman of Starbucks)

Antti Ilmanen (Global Co-Head of The Portfolio Solutions Group, AQR)

Ed Thorp (Former Hedge Fund Investor)

Peter Singlehurst (Head of Private Companies, Baillie Gifford)

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#288 – The End of Global Order
[7/14/22 — 54 minutes]
AppleSpotify | Google

Sam Harris speaks with geopolitical experts Peter Zeihan & Ian Bremmer about deglobalization, demographic collapse, the war in Ukraine, China & American’s future, and more. 





From The Episode:
Now we’ve got a little bit of better demographic data that’s come out of China which is truly horrific…We’re now looking at a Chinese population that’s less than half of what it is today as early as 2050. And in that sort of environment, China’s just not competitive in anything.”

Interview with Founder & CEO Louis-Vincent Gave, Gavekal
[7/13/22 – 56 minutes]
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Gave discusses the ‘weaponization of everything,’ why he doesn’t think China invades Taiwan, and other thoughts on the global markets & economy. 





From The Episode:
“Four months ago, President Biden came into the Rose Garden and said the Russian Ruble will be turned into rubble. Four months later, the Russian Ruble is basically close to decade highs.”

TransDigm: Foundations with Nick Howley
[7/11/22 – 47 minutes]

In the first episode in a 4-part series, Will Thorndike speaks with TransDigm founder Nick Howley about the early days as a private company, the overview of the culture, and his M&A strategy.





From The Episode:
“…first and foremost, you have to hire people or bring people up that believe and can work in that culture. They get the value generation. They’re invested in it and believe enough that they can carry it.”

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