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ETF Database is a great website for all things ETF.  You can screen for ETFs by type, country, exposure, issuer, you name it.  Below are two free tools that are pretty cool:

ETF Country Exposure Tool

Mutual Fund To ETF Converter

They also have a ‘Pro’ product that we feature in this email that contains model portfolios, trade ideas (ETF Insider), and a newsletter.

Below is a chart from their “Visual History of the S&P 500” that illustrates the top stocks in the S&P by year:



Download the content here:

Three Picks for 2013



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The following content is available exclusively to ETFdb Pro members.ETFdb Pro Content

  • ETFdb Model Portfolios ETFdb Pro Members Only Regardless of your risk profile and investment goals, you can use our line of ETFdb Portfolios to devise complete investment portfolios. Whether you’re a long-term investor devising a retirement portfolio or a short-term trader looking to profit from market inefficiencies and macroeconomic trends, ETFdb Portfolios provide all tools necessary to develop a cost-efficient all-ETF portfolio, including recommended holdings, suggested allocations, risk analyses, and correlation studies.
  • ETFdb Realtime Ratings These in-depth analyst reports give investors everything they need to know about each of the more than 1,400 U.S.-listed ETFs, including an objective, unbiased analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each product. ETFdb Realtime Ratings also rank every ETF on more than 20 different metrics, including expenses, historical performance, volatility, and distributions.
  • ETF Edge Newsletter ETFdb Pro Members Only If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of ETFs and catch a glimpse into the industry’s future, ETF Edge has the information you need. In addition to looking beyond the headlines in the ETF industry, ETF Edge is full of actionable ETF plays and investment tips to manage your portfolio.
  • ETF Insider ETFdb Pro Members Only For investors looking for timely actionable ETF investment ideas, ETF insider delivers three installments each week that include both long and short investment ideas constructed based on technical and fundamental research. Also included in this feature are updates on our all-ETF portfolio, as well as the latest news on all new ETFs hitting the market.
  • ETFdb Analyst Picks These actionable recommendations are based on prevailing macroeconomic conditions and are suited for longer-term traders with an investment horizon of 30 to 90 days. Each ETFdb Analyst Pick includes a fundamental rationale as well a suggested stop-loss and price target to better assist investors.
  • ETFdb Category Reports ETFdb Pro Members Only With over 1,400 ETFs to choose from, finding the one that’s right for your investment strategy can be a challenging task. ETFdb has analyzed each of these ETFs in our database and attributed each to a single best-fit ETFdb Category containing funds that share similar risk and return profiles and are impacted by similar macroeconomic and industry-specific trends. Each of our 66 ETFdb Category reports provides you with a category overview, analysis of key pricing trends, suggested portfolio allocations, and recommended ETF investments.
  • Pro Head-To-Head ETF Comparison Tool Pro users have complete access to this tool, which displays easy-to-use holdings, performance, and technical strength comparisons between two ETFs. Pro access includes proprietary descriptive information for each ETF.
  • ETFdb Pro Screener The ETFdb Pro Screener with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet export makes one of the most popular tools at ETFdb even more useful. You can screen ETFs according to your own customized parameters, then download the results in Microsoft Excel format to analyze the data any way you like.