Exposing a $25b Fraud

“With every investment we become richer or wiser, never both.”

– Bill Duhamel


Robeco – Investing in Deflation, Inflation, and Stagflation Regimes (38 pages)

A look at performance and factors across inflation regimes going back to 1875.

Source: Robeco

KKR – Walk, Don’t Run: Mid-Year Update 2022 (56 pages)

KKR with a mid-year update covering forecasts, themes, questions for this environment, and more.

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Laurie Santos: The Pursuit of Happiness
[6/14/22 — 102 minutes]
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Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos shares why hedonic adaptation leads to unhappiness and how happiness is impacted things like religion, children, and social media.





From The Episode:
“We don’t often have the best instincts about what will make us happy. The things that we want to do in life are not necessarily the things we’re really going to enjoy, or like, or that will give us a meaningful life.”

The Investigator
[6/16/22 – 69 minutes]
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McCrum is the award winning FT journalist who exposed Wirecard as a fraud after auditors couldn’t find $1.9 billion in cash. It’s an incredible story that led to his book, Money Men.





Rob Citrone – Emerging Markets, Hedge Funds, and Staying in the Game
[7/11/22 – 47 minutes]
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EM-focused hedge fund manager Rob Citrone shares his perspective for global markets and lessons learned from working under greats like Julian Robertson & George Soros.





From The Episode:
“It’s really important to not have groupthink within an organization, to be thinking and talking to people outside the organization.”


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