Hartch, Cibelli, and Porter

We featured an issue of Value Investor Insight about a year ago on The Idea Farm.  For those unfamiliar, VII is a monthly publication (and the sister quarterly 13F publication SuperInvestor Insight) focusing on interviews with top value investors.  This month the interviews include Cibelli, Porter, and Hatch.

The long time author is looking to eventually move on from the daily writing duties, and Whitney Tilson mentioned this quick note for any interested before the download:


As Value Investor Insight enters its 10th year, my long-time partner and co-founder, John Heins, is contemplating a next stage of his career. This has prompted our contemplating a next stage in Value Investor Insight’s evolution as well. We’re exceedingly proud of VII (attached is our latest issue) and will ensure that it doesn’t miss a beat, but we’re starting to look for a partner or partners who might be interested in buying all or part of the business and taking over John’s full-time responsibility in running it. (My involvement in the day-to-day operation is almost nil, both because John does an exceptional job interviewing investors and producing the newsletter and because my energies are focused on being a money manager, not interviewing other ones!)

The business is a beautiful, high-margin cash cow. If you or someone you know might have an interest in it, please let me know and I can give you further information.


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December Issue