Investor Awards

Here is a monster list of top investment papers on all sorts of topics for 2016.  I’ll post the link below as well as the full list from Savvy Investor so you can pick and choose what most interests you.

Best Investment Paper 2016

Expected Returns 2017-2021: It’s Always Darkest Just Before Dawn (Robeco)

The paper examines a variety of key issues for global markets and sets out Robeco’s forecasts for returns from the world’s major asset classes over the next five years. Despite the negative surprises experienced in 2016, Robeco continues to hold an optimistic view of the future, arguing that a gradual monetary normalization is likely to unfold over time.

Investment Insight Award 2016

Discovering Phi: Motivation as the Hidden Variable of Performance (State Street Center for Applied Research)

Highly Commended:
The Free Lunch: The Value of Decoupling Diversification and Risk by Salient Partners
Reflections on the Ten Attributes of Great Investors by Michael J. Mauboussin, Credit Suisse
Market Macro Myths: Debts, Deficits and Delusions by James Montier, GMO

Best Asset Allocation Paper 2016

JP Morgan Quarterly Guide to the Markets

Highly Commended:
Global Macro Trends: Five Key Investment Themes by KKR
Understanding and measuring the illiquidity risk premium by Willis Towers Watson
Equity/Bond Correlation: Historical Reflections and Future Prospects by BlackRock
The Investment Implications of an Aging World by PGIM
A framework for institutional portfolio construction by Vanguard

Best Smart Beta Paper 2016

The Robustness of Smart Beta Strategies (EDHEC-Risk Institute)

Highly Commended:
Smart Beta – Global Survey of Asset Owners by FTSE Russell
Will Your Factor Deliver? An Examination of Factor Robustness & Implementation Costs by CFA Institute
Ten Misconceptions about Smart Beta by EDHEC-Risk Institute
Blending Factors in Your Smart Beta Portfolio by S&P Dow Jones Indices

Best Index Investing Paper 2016

The Rise of Indices Is Changing the Face of Investing (S&P Dow Jones Indices)

Highly Commended:
Capturing the Chinese A-shares and H-shares Anomaly by FTSE Russell
SPIVA® Institutional Scorecard – How Much Do Fees Affect the Active Versus Passive Debate? by S&P Dow Jones Indices
The Index Mutual Fund: 40 Years of Growth, Change, and Challenge by John C. Bogle, Vanguard

Best Pensions Paper 2016 (North America)

The Coming Pensions Crisis (Citi)

Highly Commended:
Best Practices for U.S. Pension Plan Fiduciaries by Vanguard
Reducing Pension Risk: Five Myths Holding Back U.S. Plan Sponsors by Prudential
Pension Sponsors: Don’t Forget the Credit Spread! by Cambridge Associates
LDI Implementation – Managing Surplus Volatility by Reducing the Drawdown Risk of Growth Assets by QMA

Best Pensions Paper 2016 (UK)

Endgame Portfolios and the Role of Credit (Legal & General Investment Management)

Highly Commended:
UK Pensions Risk Transfer Report by Hymans Robertson
UK Pensions De-Risking report 2016 by Willis Towers Watson
2016 Survey of UK Liability-Driven Investing​ by KPMG

Best Pensions Paper 2016 (Europe)

Innovations in Long-Term Capital Management: The Practitioner’s Perspective
(World Economic Forum)

Highly Commended:
The Dutch Pension System: An overview of the key aspects by Pensioenfederatie
The ageing of the EU – implications for pensions by the Actuarial Association of Europe
Aging, Taxes and Pensions in Switzerland by the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research

Best Superannuation Paper 2016

In-House Investment Management: Making and Implementing the Decision
(Centre for International Finance and Regulation)

Highly Commended:
Australian Fund Management Fees: Ideas for institutional investors by Frontier Advisors
How Fee and Return Disclosures Drive Retirement Plan Choice in Australia by ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research
Capacity Management for Institutional Asset Owners by Centre for International Finance and Regulation
Navigating the Insourcing Trend by Frontier Advisors​

Best Emerging Markets Paper 2016

Capturing the Chinese A-shares and H-shares Anomaly (FTSE Russell)

Highly Commended:
The Indian Mutual Funds Industry: Ready for the next leap by EY
Asia: Pivot Required by KKR
Profitability Trends in Emerging Markets 2016 by Lazard Asset Management

Best Investment Industry Paper 2016

The Global Asset Management Industry 2016 (Boston Consulting Group)

Highly Commended:
How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? by Deloitte
The Future of Asset Management by Robeco
How will Blockchain impact the Financial Industry? by Robeco

Best Alternative Investing Paper 2016

Global Private Equity Report 2016 (Bain & Company)

Highly Commended:
Factor Investing and Risk Allocation: From Traditional to Alternative Risk Premia Harvesting by EDHEC-Risk Institute
Private Debt: The opportunity for diversification with illiquid assets by TIAA
Institutional Investors in Hedge Funds Survey 2016 by J.P.Morgan
Why you should not invest in infrastructure by Deutsche Bank
Global Alternatives Survey 2016 by Willis Towers Watson​

Best ESG Paper 2016

Responsible Investment Report 2015 (Norges Bank Investment Management)

Highly Commended:
Exploring ESG: A Practitioner’s Perspective by BlackRock
ESG – Road Blocks or the Road to Integration? by FTSE Russell
Sustainable Signals: The Asset Manager Perspective by Morgan Stanley
The impact of ethical investing on returns, volatility and income by Newton Investment Management

Best Insurance Asset Management Paper 2016

In the Eye of the Storm: Global Insurers’ Investment Strategies (BlackRock)

Highly Commended:
Uncharted Territory: How Life Insurance Companies Can Navigate the Era of Negative Interest Rates by PineBridge Investments
Solvency II – In the Brave New World by Grant Thornton
Solvency II and Absolute Return Investing by Standard Life Investments
Global Insurance Market Opportunities: Insurance Risk Study by Aon Hewitt

Best Investment Technology Paper 2016

How can Fintech facilitate fund distribution? (Deloitte)

Highly Commended:
How will Blockchain impact the Financial Industry? by Robeco
Unlocking Economic Advantage with Blockchain: A Guide for Asset Managers by Oliver Wyman / J.P.Morgan
Future of Fintech in Capital Markets by Deutsche Börse

Best Wealth Management Paper 2016

Wealth Management in the Digital Age (Capgemini)

Highly Commended:
Digital Investment Advice: Robo Advisors Come of Age by BlackRock
The Top 10 Drivers Disrupting Global Wealth and Asset Management by EY
The Rise of Robo-Advice: A New Concept of Wealth Management by Accenture