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Name: The Daily Dirtnap
Frequency: Business days
Audience: Professional investors & HNW individuals
Cost: $795/year (firm-wide site licenses available)
AuthorJared Dillian
Topics: Market themes and actionable trade ideas

OverviewThe Daily Dirtnap gives you eleven months of market commentary, at least one piece for every business day (or ~225 days/year).  Former trader Jared Dillian shares his perspective on all things ETFs, indices, programs, liquidity, interest rates, currencies, macro, and more. As he says, “you are not paying for news, if you want news, you can subscribe to the FT or the wall street journal or something like that. you are paying for analysis.

Jared’s writing covers his contrarian calls, analysis of developing macro trends, and insights into investors’ animal spirits.

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This edition looks at three positions based on Jared’s long-term outlook.  He covers:

  • International dividend ETFs
  • Emerging markets local currency debt
  • Inflationary psychology in the US
Plus, you’ll enjoy Jared’s sense of humor. One of our favorite quotes below:

“I try not to bad-mouth subscribers, but I had this one guy who looked at the portfolio and complained that all of the charts were on the lows. I told him that he could subscribe to the momentum guy down the street if he wanted charts on the highs. He unsubscribed yesterday.”

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