May 17, 2018

2018 Target-Date Fund Landscape

Good overview of the Target Date Fund Landscape… Chart and download: —- —- Downloads Morningstar Target Date Fund Overview Website Good investing, Meb Faber
May 10, 2018

Global Bonds

Vanguard thinks you should hedge your global bonds…. Chart and download: —- —- Downloads Going global with bonds: The benefits of a more global fixed income allocation Website Good investing, Meb Faber
May 8, 2018

Tiger Quants

Lots of goodness in this article from Novus, an old regular here on the Farm we haven’t featured in awhile… Chart and download: —- —- Downloads Are Tiger Cubs Evolving Into Tiger Quants? Website Good investing, Meb Faber
April 30, 2018


Discount to NAV seems to be one of the best factors to select REITs, and here is a macro chart from Green Street on sector wide NAVs… Chart and download: —- —- Downloads Real Estate Stocks Are on Sale but […]
April 24, 2018

Happiness & the Gorilla

Some personal finance in here, lots of life thoughts too… Pic and download: —- —- Downloads Happiness and the Gorilla Website Good investing, Meb Faber
April 23, 2018

TopDown Chartbook

Callum Thomas puts together a great chartbook, and he graciously agreed to share an issue….enjoy! Chart and download: —- —- Downloads April 2018 Website Good investing, Meb Faber
April 22, 2018

A Better P/B

There’s been a lot in the literature about how P/B has lost its mojo.  Here’s OSAM on how to potentially fix that… Graph and download: —- —- Downloads Negative Equity, Veiled Value, and the Erosion of Price-to-Book Website Good […]
April 18, 2018

GDP Linked Bonds

I’m not that familiar with GDP linked bonds.  Seems like an interesting idea Shiller has been talking about for a long time. Here is an article and free eBook on the topic (no pics straight to download). Downloads GDP Linked […]
April 16, 2018

Yale 2017

Yale’s update is always required reading…US stocks clocking in at a shopping 3.9%… Chart and download: —- —- Link to Download Yale Endowment Update Website
April 14, 2018


Fun profile of arguably the top performing human fund manager of the past 20 years… And the good news, you can follow along with his 13Fs too! Pic then download —- —- Downloads Perceptive Profile 13F Holdings Website Good […]
April 3, 2018

Global Valuation Updates!

Quarterly CAPE Ratio Updates!   After another monster year of performance in 2017, many countries are still quite cheap.  But some countries are expensive too…let’s go right to the stats! Median CAPE Ratio: 19 25% most expensive: 27 (U.S. in […]
March 30, 2018

Gaming the Lottery

I LOVE these stories… Quote then download: —- “That’s when it hit him. Right there, in the numbers on the page, he noticed a flaw—a strange and surprising pattern, like the cereal-box code, written into the fundamental machinery of the […]
March 26, 2018

Go Watch This

Excellent webinar on global valuations by Arnott, DON’T MISS! Screenshot then link: —- —- Webinar CAPE Fear Website Good investing, Meb Faber
March 25, 2018

Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes

Probably one of the most important topics in investing no one pays any attention to. Pic then download: —- —- Downloads Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes Website Good investing, Meb Faber
March 23, 2018

PE Report

Lots of noise about how LBOs are getting pricey…full report on the PE landscape from Bain. Pic then download: —- —- Downloads GLOBAL PRIVATE EQUITY REPORT 2018 Website Good investing, Meb Faber