Podcasts of the Week!

My continued frustrations with the lack of podcast curation and reviews is big news for Idea Farm members…we just brought on a new hire to help listen to and rate about a dozen podcasts each week.

We’re going to experiment and iterate with some ideas….so would love to hear your feedback.  The current idea is to send out a weekly summary on Sunday with the must listens of the past week….these are truly exceptional “don’t miss” episodes.  Some weeks there may not be any episodes, and some weeks perhaps multiple ones…The first episode will be the #1 favorite of the week.

By default I don’t include any of mine in this category but will include a link at the end….let us know what you think!

1.  Farnam Street: Getting Better by Being Wrong: Conversation with Poker Pro Annie Duke

2. We Study Billionaires: Big Mistakes That Great Investors Make w/ Michael Batnick 

3.  Masters in Business With Barry Ritholtz: Robert Arnott Discusses the Process Behind Research Affiliates (there’s also a great MIB on the Theranos scandal too).

Farmland investing with David Gladstone

Good investing,
Meb Faber