November 26, 2018


At what point do emerging markets, which are nearly 2/3rds of world GDP….no longer be emerging? Chart then download… —- —- Download PDF Thinking strategically about Emerging Markets Website Good investing, Meb Faber
September 2, 2018

Emerging Bonds in a Portfolio

Simple, but really nice overview from Vanguard on EM bonds. Chart then download: —- —- Download PDF EM Bonds Website Good investing, Meb Faber
August 6, 2017

Why Are Stock Prices So High?

Great piece from GMO on emerging markets and US stock valuations…don’t miss this one! …chart then download: —- —- Link Q2 Letter Website
July 5, 2017

From Niche to Necessity

Some nice charts in here…below one details just how different emerging market sector compositions can be… Chart then download… —- —- Link to Download From niche to necessity Website
April 27, 2017

Risks Remain, but There Are Reasons for Optimism

Y’all getting tired of me talking about foreign stock valuations?  Probably.  I’ll lighten up…but here’s one from William Blair on the emerging markets outlook. Chart and download: —- —- Link to Download EM Outlook Website
March 16, 2017

CAPE ratio and Target Date Decisions

Twofer from GMO. Chart then downloads: —- —- Link to Download The What-Why-When-How Guide to Owning Emerging Country Debt: 2017 Edition Target Date Decisions, Decisions…Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck Website
December 18, 2016

Two from RA

You guys know I love the cheap global stocks…turns out Research Affiliates does too.  Love this chart! Also threw in a bonus piece on Systematic Global Macro… Chart then two downloads: —- —- Downloads The Emerging Markets Hat Trick: Time […]
December 9, 2015

Just How Bad Is Emerging, and How Good Is the U.S.?

Great piece from GMO as usual on foreign stocks….must read! Graph then link: —- —- DOWNLOAD “Just How Bad Is Emerging, and How Good Is the U.S.?” LINK Get a Free Subscription! If you send me an email with […]
June 12, 2013

Value, Mo, and Dividends in Emerging Markets

The good folks at O’Shaughnessy have another good paper out, this time examining the traditional value, momentum, and dividend factors in emerging markets.  Not surprisingly, they work great! A quick chart before the download: —- —- Download PDFs here Emerging […]
March 31, 2013

Romping Stomping Emerging Bull

WisdomTree is out with a piece examining dividend yields and future emerging market equity returns.  Needless to say they are bullish! Below are a few quotes and a chart before the download: —- + The average performance of the MSCI […]