August 27, 2016


Cliff and Rob debate their factor timing papers at the Morningstar conference. Full transcript below.  Plus, you can subscribe to the M* magazine for free – and you should, it’s very good. No quotes just link. Link to article: Meeting of the […]
August 5, 2016

Ten Attributes of Great Investors

Two nice pieces from CSFB and Mauboussin.  And one bonus mind bender from Edge.  Seriously, take it for a spin. No charts just downloads.  Enjoy the weekend!  And if you haven’t seen it, go check out the new podcast! Download Reflections […]
June 15, 2016

At Google with Marks, Grant, and more

I gave a talk at Google awhile back, and since then it looks like they’ve had lots of great guests like Marks, Grant, and Yacktman. Below is the YouTube channel link. Website Investors Google All talks at Google Get a […]
May 29, 2016


The Q Group has their presentations online, and there are some from Shiller, Lo, Novy-Marx etc.  And you didn’t have to pay $6,500! Lots of slides like this but some more readable ones too! Chart then link: —- —- Article […]
April 10, 2016


Yale’s 2015 endowment update is (finally) out.  Always a fun read, and this year they dive into their successful PE investment program. Quote, allocation, then download: —- “Over the past twenty years, the venture capital program has earned an outstanding […]
March 3, 2016

DJCO Munger

I was so sad to miss the DJCO meeting again with Munger at the helm.  Thankfully we have a nice summary here below! Quote then download: —- How did you balance reading that much and having so many children? When […]
January 6, 2016

Hedge Fund TV

A fear years back I wrote about a handful of million dollar fintech ideas.  Many of these ideas have been attempted with varying levels of success. One idea was a “best ideas” podcast, and another was a long form interview in […]
November 5, 2015

Trinity and Tigers

I published a piece yesterday on the blog about including trend in a global allocation portfolio.  Most institutions don’t invest much in trend strategies which I think is a shame. Also, this email is focused on a new piece from […]
September 4, 2015


I’ve always enjoyed the Value Investor Insight and Super Investor Insight publications.  Here are two recent ones. One charts then downloads: —- —- Download Value Investor Insight July 31 Issue SuperInvestor Insight June Issue Websites Get a Free Subscription! […]
April 16, 2015

An All Time Great

A speech with an all-time great, Stanley Druckenmiller.  Via Businessweek Speech at Lost Tree Club
March 21, 2015

Third Point and Greenlight

I used to write a lot about the foreign listed hedge funds, and there was a lot of content in The Ivy Portfolio on the topic.  They’re hard to invest in for US based investors (due to PFIC rules, I *think*, […]
March 1, 2015


Only if you were living under a rock would you not know Buffett’s annual letter was out this weekend. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth reading. Quote & download: —- BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. ACQUISITION CRITERIA We are eager to hear […]
February 28, 2015

Yale Update

The goal here at The Farm is to only send out high quality research.  That means we may go a week or two with no emails, and then some weeks there will be five.  The good news is there is […]
December 31, 2014

All Weather of Your Own

Happy New Years to all – as a reminder for all of your friends an colleagues, prices go up tomorrow so let them know they can still subscribe at the lower rate for one more day!  Below is a fun […]
September 22, 2014


We’ve featured a few of Novus’s pieces in the past.  The spend a lot of time with public filings, 13F research, and hedge funds.  Lots of fun reads on their site but this one focuses on the activists… Chart then […]