Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the week!

1. Capital Allocators: Michael Schwimer – Moneyball as an Investment Strategy

Michael Schwimer, CEO of Big League Advance is interviewed. Michael discusses his background in baseball, and how he paired his interest in mathematics and his personal knowledge of minor and major league baseball to build a business. BLA invests in minor league baseball players, providing them with capital during their minor league stint, and in return, if they make it, the players pay a percentage of their future earnings to BLA. He digs into model building and analytics, building a team, and even his thinking on portfolio construction.

2. Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz: Barbara Kahn Discusses the Retail Revolution

The guest is Barbara Kahnn, professor of Marketing at the Wharton School and author of The Shopping Revolution: How Successful Retailers Win Customers in an Era of Endless Disruption. Barbara discusses current trends in the retail space, customer experience, luxury brands, in-store tech, and retailers adapting to the need to compete with Amazon.


1. Tim Ferriss: Nick Kokonas — How to Apply World-Class Creativity to Business, Art, and Life 

I’ve never been to Alinea but always wanted to go…next time in Chicago!

2.  This Week in Startups: Nextdoor CEO & Co-founder Nirav Tolia

Nextdoor CEO & Co-founder Nirav Tolia is interviewed. Nirav discusses Nextdoor, and the organic growth the company has experienced, and the tough choices made on the way to 100m users globally.


Meb‘s Episode

Karen Finerman, ‘Out-of-Favorness’ Is Appealing. The Difficult Part is Timing

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