Top Podcasts of the Week

Below are the top podcasts of the week!

1.  Capital Allocators: Andrew Tsai – Catching a Theme on the Chalkstream

Andrew Tsai, CIO of Chalkstream Capital Group is interviewed. Andrew talks about his background in finance, starting at Lehman’s arbitrage desk in the early ‘90s, forming a hedge fund in 1997, starting a dot-com logistics business in 1999, and then executing the turnaround of a private-equity backed business. The discussion later gets into Chalkstream’s philosophy, a focus on tails and assets with an inherent lack of correlation, and the importance of people from an organizational standpoint.

2. This Week in Startups: Calm Co-Founder Alex Tew

Calm Co-Founder Alex Tew is interviewed. Alex talks about Million Dollar Homepage, an idea for an advertising space where he sold pixels at $1 per piece, starting Calm, a meditation app. He covers the ups and downs of running Calm, and the fantastic growth the company is now experiencing, innovative ideas, as well as making a positive difference in the world.

1. Without Fail: Nina Jacobson

Nina Jacobson is a force in Hollywood. She’s behind some of the biggest movies of the last 20 years: The Sixth Sense, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games, and most recently Crazy Rich Asians. She’s had a lot of success. But also some pretty big failures: a public firing, some box office flops. Nina walks Alex through her failure resume and talks about what it takes to make a hit.


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