Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the week!

1. EconTalk: Michael Munger on Sharing, Transaction Costs, and Tomorrow 3.0

Economist and author Michael Munger of Duke University discusses the sharing economy with some forward looking ideas and frank opinions about why we own so many belongings like drills that are used rarely and tie up cash and storage space. His conversation revolves around transaction costs and he proposes a true sharing economy idea where owners of assets like drills can easily rent their belongings when not in use.

2. Invest Like the Best: Ryan Caldbeck – Quant in Private Markets

Ryan Caldbeck is the CEO of Circle Up, which uses a system called Helio to search for investments in early stage consumer brands. He discusses quant investing in private markets, the factors that matter, and models being developed for analysis.


1. The Tim Ferriss Show: Seth Godin on How to Say “No,” Market Like a Professional, and Win at Life

Seth Godin has founded several companies, and is the author of 18 bestselling books, writing about marketing, strategic quitting, leadership, the way ideas spread, and challenging the status quo. The conversation begins with a discussion about discovering boundaries to find what is truly informationally important in order to work out from under being overwhelmed, choosing projects and how that led to AltMBA, and the difference between hard work and long work. Seth then discusses his rules that guide how he responds to requests for his time and effort, engaging with audiences through marketing, and getting better by serving the needs, wants, desires, and dreams of the smallest viable audience you seek to serve.


Meb‘s Episode

Claude Lamoureux, When You Have to Make A Decision, Always Make the One That Will Let You Sleep Better, Not Eat Better

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