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Below is our “Top Podcast” list with our curator, Colby Donovan!

Today we have a must-listen on how American Pharoah was discovered, the reason lumber prices are soaring, and two episodes on why Japan stocks are cheap.

  • Odd Lots: Why the Price of Lumber Has Soared Day After Day After Day. Stinson Dean, a lumber trader at Deacon Trading, shares all the factors that he believes are influencing lumber prices this year, which have soared to all-time highs. He goes all the way back to the housing crisis in 2008 and the scars that everyone in the supply chain still has today, which has led to shortages. He also walks through the role of hedgers and arbitrageurs, the impact of the home building and home-renovation boom, and the high cost of transportation. [April 26, 2021–1 hour, 3 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
  • Infinite Loops: Jesse Livermore — What Now? Jesse Livermore (pseudonym) is an OSAM Research Partner who takes a data-driven mindset to looking at problems. He starts with his thoughts on inflation expectations and the impact of monetary stimulus on the market. Then they dive deep into bitcoin and NFT’s and have a really thoughtful back-and-forth about what the impact of bitcoin and the blockchain will be on society. At the end, he talks about why Japanese small cap value stocks look attractive. [April 29, 2021–1 hour, 19 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
  • Behind The Markets Podcast: Sailesh Radha & Drew Edwards. After Professor Siegel talks about current market events, Sailehs Radha, founder of Borealis Global Advisory, joins to explain his own version of the CAPE ratio to capture the investment attributes of emerging countries. It takes the impact of currencies into account and shows some countries are attractive (Japan) while others aren’t (UK). Then they have a discussion around the Japanese market and small-cap stocks with the Head of Japan Value Equities at GMO, Drew Edwards. He explains why he believes Japanese SMID-caps are cheap, pushes back on the narrative that poor demographics will equate to poor returns going forward, and what the impact of COVID has been on Japan to this point. [April 30, 2021–53 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
  • Michael Covel’s Trend Following: Ep. 966: William Green Interview. William Green is the author of Richer, Wiser, Happier, which looks back on 25 years of his interviews with the world’s best investors to see what lessons we can all apply to our own lives. He shares how their decision-making process has helped them all live a happy and purposeful life, how they position themselves for an unknown future, and how they focus on building an antifragile life and antifragile portfolio. [April 25, 2021–1 hour, 3 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
  • The Allstarcharts Podcast on Technical Analysis Radio: Current Market Analysis For Traders: One on One with Meb Faber — All Things ETFs, Momentum & Value. In this episode, Meb talks about a bunch of different topics: his investing philosophy, the benefits of buybacks vs. dividends, the recent interest in tail risk hedging, NFT’s & SPAC’s, and why he believes it is a great idea to invest in the market at all-time highs. [April 30, 2021–36 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
The Meb Faber Show
  • The Meb Faber Show: #305 — Marc Faber, The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report — The Environment We’re In Favors Quick Profits And Long-Term Loss. Marc Faber is the Editor and Publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, which highlights unusual investment opportunities around the world. The episode begins with Marc’s thoughts on why governments mishandled the COVID response in the last year and what he expects the long-term effects from both the monetary and fiscal responses will be going forward. Then he shares his thoughts on why he thinks more and more of the younger generations favor socialism and what he thinks about the financial speculation in the markets, particularly with Robinhood options trading. Marc finishes by sharing where he thinks you can put some money to work, including gold, Asian equities, energy and financials. [April 26, 2021–58 minutes] iTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
  • ***Must Listen*** The Meb Faber Show: #306 — Jeff Seder, EQB — We Ended Up The First Triple-Crown Winner in 37 Years. This episode is the best moneyball story you’ve never heard. Jeff Seder is the founder of EQB, a high-tech sports medicine startup that consults with the majority of the major thoroughbred racehorse racing stables. Jeff walks through the work he’s done to gather data over the last 30 years and why the industry has been resistant to data even to this day. Then he explains why studying the size of one ventricle in a horse’s heart led him to believe the it had the potential for greatness, leading him to tell his boss, “Sell your house, don’t sell this horse.” Not a bad call since that horse, American Pharoah, went on to become the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years! [April 28, 2021–58 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Breaker | Website Link
The Rest
  • Global Guessing Podcasts: GGWP 8 w/ Pavel Atanasov — Good Judgement Project, Markets vs Polls, Machine Forecasting. This is a great listen if you’re interested in Phil Tetlock’s research. Pavel Atanasov is the co-founder of, a boutique R&D shop which uses decision science to improve predictions and decision-making. He touches on how to think about probabilities and decision-making, bet sizing, the number of participants needed to harness the wisdom of crowds, betting markets, and the use of AI and ML to help in forecasting. [April 10, 2021–55 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Google | Website Link

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