Top Podcasts of the Week

Below are the top podcasts of the week!  Forgot to send this on Monday…

1.  Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz: Ray Dalio Discusses Major Financial Crises

Bridgewater’s founder Ray Dalio digs into financial crises with Barry Ritholtz. Ray covers some critical points learned from studying historical financial disasters, and how that knowledge and data underpins his new book, Big Debt Crises. The discussion gets into the structure of crises, cycles, central banks, debt, understanding the short-term cycles and the long-term cycles, and the parallels between 1937 and now.

PS if you missed his Cialdini episode that was great too…

2. Jonathan Tepper on both MacroVoices and SuperInvestors

3. This week in startups: The Syndicate Show featuring CafeX, Kush, and LeadIQ

None this week.


Meb‘s Episode

None – forgot to hit record (seriously).

Good investing,
Meb Faber