Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the week!


1. Resolve 12 Days of Christmas

2. Trend Following Ep. 723: Harold de Boer Interview with Michael Covel

Harold de Boer of Transtrend starts by discussing his experience growing up on a dairy farm and how it shaped how he thinks about the world and how he got his start looking at markets from a trend following perspective. Next, he gets into the notion of factors, and explains his take on the difference between academic and real world factors. The conversation then shifts to some commentary about Harold’s firm, and how they are using trend following systematically.

3. The New Retirement Podcast: Jim Dahle: the White Coat Investor


1. The James Altucher Show – Byron Allen: How to Make History in Your Dream Industry (A Story About Outsmarting The Standards)

Byron Allen is a comedian, TV producer, and the founder, owner, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios. Byron gives his backstory growing up in Detroit, moving to California, hanging out at NBC Studios as a child, and finding his passion for the entertainment business during his time there. He talks about his fascinating encounters with some of the entertainment world’s most famous and successful players from writing with Jimmy Walker, David Letterman, and Jay Leno to going on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He then discusses his entry into production, selling advertising from his dining room table, and the value of owning content.

2. How I Built This: Herb Kelleher

RIP Herb….


Here’s ours:

Episode #136: Steve Romick, “Value Investing Is, To Us, Simply Investing With A Margin Of Safety, Believing That You’ve Made An Investment Where It’s Hard To Lose Money Over…

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