Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the (past two, sorry forgot to hit send) week!


1.  Invest Like the Best: Ep.116 Abby Johnson – The Future of Finance

Abby Johnson is the chairman and CEO of Fidelity Investments. She discusses the asset management world of today, from the acceleration around fees, regulatory changes, and how Fidelity is responding through innovating with more offerings and digital solutions. Next, she covers thinking about meeting the needs of the marketplace through the digital strategy, and building a relationship with the client. The chat then shifts to her interest in blockchain. The conversation ties in a talk with Abby’s team about Fidelity’s digital and AI efforts before turning to concluding thoughts by Abby.

2. Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz: Len Kiefer Discusses the Housing and Mortgage Markets

Len Kiefer, deputy chief economist at Freddie Mac discusses housing, the demand/supply imbalance in the US, the bifurcated home price trends, the headroom the housing market still has left, changing of demographics and the impacts on housing, the outlook for home builders, and the credit risk transfer as the single most important development about the housing finance system over the past decade.

3. Robert Shiller at AEA

Brendan Greeley caught up with Yale economist and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller, who argues that if you want to understand markets you have to understand stories — how they start and how they spread. They talked about the stories driving share prices down in December, about Jim Cramer and about the narrative power of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Get alerts on Alphachat podcast when a new story is published4. Bogleheads on Investing: Gus Sauter

RIP Jack!

5.  Top Traders with Andrew Lo and Sol Waksman

Here’s ours:

Episode #137: Emily and Morgan Paxhia, “The Growers Who Focused On Creating Efficient Operations Are The Ones That Are Still Around Today”

Episode #138: Yariv Haim, “You Should Never Try To Reassess Your Risk Appetite When Markets Crash”

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