Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the (past two, sorry forgot to hit send) week!


1.  Trend Following Ep. 731: Kyle Nel Interview with Michael Covel

Kyle Nel is CEO and co-founder of Uncommon Partners, served as executive director for Lowe’s Innovation Labs, and is co-creator of Neurons, Inc. Kyle begins with the inspiration and inventiveness of Star Trek, and drawing from Joseph Campbell to understand storytelling as the premier mode of explaining complex thinking and how to integrate that into strategic narratives into the organizations of today. Kyle then discusses the power of narratives, and describes applying his understanding of human behavior to Lowe’s by literally turning his narrative into graphic novels to inspire strategic discussions about what might happen in the future and how to position the company to be a part of it. He then talks about “The Linear Path to Doom” and thinking exponential.2. This Week in Startups: E897: Obvious Ventures Co-founder & Managing Director James Joaquin

James Joaquin, Co-founder & Managing director of Obvious Ventures discusses how he thinks about the future, purpose driven businesses, recommending CEO coaches to founders, the origins of Obvious and investing in world positive startups, his attitude about the VC industry, cryptocurrency, and how Obvious finds opportunities.3. Off the Chain: Roy Niederhoffer, President of R.G. Niederhoffer Capital: A Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Manager Talks Crypto

Here’s ours:

Episode #139: Taz Turner and Nate Nienhuis, “We’re Really Driving At What We Feel Is The Holy Grail of Cannabis”

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