Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the week!


1. Trend Following : Ep. 751: Brent Huigens Interview with Michael Covel

Brent Huigens is an entrepreneur in the world of trading cards. He is founder and president of PWCC Marketplace, the largest seller of investment trading cards globally. Brent discusses his early love for trading cards, and how that ultimately developed into the business he runs today. He covers the history of the trading card market, auctions, some famous trading cards in history, recent notable auction sales, and his thoughts on the future of the industry.


2. Masters in Business: Michael Lewis Discusses the Culture of Finance

Bestselling author Michael Lewis discusses how he actually got into writing about finance, the culture of finance, how he thinks about characters in his books and telling the stories he writes about, some of what he learned in writing his latest book, The Fifth Risk, some background on what Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein wrote about him after publishing Moneyball, and some of his thoughts on Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky.
3. [i3] : MarketFox interview with Rich Pzena

Richard ‘Rich’ Pzena is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Pzena Investment Management. Rich starts with discussing value investing, some history, and potential reasons why value investing hasn’t been working, emotions driving perceptions of value that can be massively different than underlying arithmetic would suggest. He then gets into the next stage in his career as an oil industry analyst, how factor models can’t capture some of the details that may be important to consider in financial analysis, leaving Bernstein, his approach to managing money, value cycles, and the role disruptive technologies play for incumbents.

POTPOURRI (Non-Business Related)

The Jolly Swagmen #63: The Evolution Of Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein, biologist and evolutionary theorist discusses evolutionary biology and natural selection, natural selection and altruism, evolutionary concepts and relationships, the evolution of religion, and Bret’s thinking that humanity needs to take evolution from “autopilot and into our own hands.”

Here’s ours:

Episode #149: Phil Haslett, “Lyft’s Doing $2 Billion Dollars A Year In Revenue, And It’s Growing That Revenue 105% A Year. There Are Only 8 Companies Listed On The Stock Exchange In The U.S. With That Kind Of Profile”

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