Top Podcasts of the Week

Top podcasts of the week!


1. This Week in Startups: E920: Rally Rd. Co-Founder & CEO Chris Bruno

Chris Bruno is the co-founder and CEO of Rally Rd. He discusses his marketplace, turning cars into investable assets, the future of Rally Rd., and opening up alternative investing to everyone.


2. Invest Like the Best: EP. 128 Geoffrey Batt – The Nature of Transformational Returns

Geoffrey Batt is the founder of Euphrates Advisors that invests in public equities in Iraq. He discusses transformational returns what he looks for when investing and visiting companies in Iraq, the current state of investing in Iraq,  and what he expects out of the opportunity going forward.

3. Standard Deviations – Christine Benz, Goals Based Approaches to Retirement

POTPOURRI (Non-Business Related)

The James Altucher Show: 445 – Congressman Tim Ryan: The First Presidential Candidate Who Meditates

Presidential Candidate Tim Ryan discusses mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness, trying to spread the message of the practice, and some issues going on in the country right now.

Here’s ours:

Episode #150: Bill Smead, “The United States Economy Is Highly Likely To Be The Strongest The Next 10 Years It’s Been Since The Baby Boomers Went Through The 30 to 45-Year-Old Age Range”

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