Top Podcasts of the Week

Below are the top podcasts of the week!

The Sherman Show – S4E4 Jeffrey Gundlach – CEO, DoubleLine
The episode guest is Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine’s CEO. Jeffrey discusses market “truisms.” He gets into the swinging pendulum of investor preference changes between active and passive strategies, revealing how fickle investors can be, and how nuanced fund management really is.

Invest Like the Best Ep. 100 – What you Learn About Business Deals After: 12,000 Deals Reviewed. 1,500 Deep Dives, 125 Site Visits, and 7 Portfolio Companies with Brent Beshore

The episode guest is Brent Beshore, founder and CEO of Brent goes through some detailed descriptions of his process and what he looks for in businesses and teams, scaling businesses, and the role leverage can play in the process. He covers some thoughts on cyclicality and the benefit of a sound, reputable business.

Stansberry Investor Hour: The Greatest Cash Flow Machine in the History of Capitalism

Porter Stansberry talks about what investors have been smart this year, technicals of bull market definitions, and a couple of macro risks in markets right now. Next, Porter introduces Wesley Gray, former marine, professor of finance at Drexel, and CEO of Alpha Architect. Wesley discusses a high level view of Alpha Architect’s investment process, and a bit on his path to a Ph.D. in finance, and a brief chat about stock and bond correlations.

Masters in Business With Barry Ritholtz: William Janeway on What’s Needed for the Innovation Economy

The episode guest is economist and venture capitalist William Janeway. William discusses his change of heart in his career path that landed him in venture capital. He then goes on to discuss venture capital investing, the digital revolution, and the important role that the U.S. government has played in launching innovative technologies.

POTPOURRI (Not investment related but still great)


Meb‘s: Episode #118: Radio Show

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