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Below is our “Top Podcast” episode with our new curator, Colby Donovan! Holler with any feedback!

Today we have episodes with both Ken Fisher and Jim O’Shaughnessy, and a great episode on assessing managers.

  • We Study Billionaires — The Investors Podcast: TIP 255: Investing Fundamentals w/ Billionaire Ken Fisher. Fisher is the founder and chairman of Fisher Investments, a fee-only financial advisor firm. After discussing how and why he started his firm, he covers why he doesn’t favor one factor over another in the long-run, the rationale behind his top down approach to investing, the idea that you must think differently than the market in order to outperform, why he thinks big tech is going to continue to outperform during the the late cycle of this bull market, and why he’s bullish on American because of his belief in capitalism. [August 11, 2019–39 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Overcast | Breaker | Website Link


  • Standard Deviations: Jim O’Shaugnessy — What Works on Wall StreetO’Shaughnessy is the founder and and Chief Investment Officer of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC, and author of multiple books, including What Works on Wall Street. The episode is all about how investors and humans are inherently biased and how we can best move forward after acknowledging that. He begins the episode with thoughts on social media and why, although so many Americans are experiencing negative effects from using social media, he is able to derive a lot of happiness from it. He then talks about how learning about all of our behavioral biases led him to become a quant, the importance of second level thinking, and some of the ideas he discusses in his Talk at Google, which you can watch here. [August 14, 2019–1 hour, 7 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Overcast | Breaker | Website Link


  • The Acquirers Podcast: Market Fox: Daniel Grioli talks about switching from allocator to manager. This is a fantastic episode on how to assess portfolio managers and create active portfolios. Grioli is a Portfolio Manager specializing in asset allocation and multi-manager portfolio construction, in addition to hosting the i3 Insights podcast. He explains how he assesses how much performance a manager adds and how he avoids tracking the benchmark when allocating to multiple managers at once. He then explains his new “best ideas” strategy, which is essentially a 13-F replication of the best managers, and all of the intricacies that come along with running that type of strategy. If you enjoy this episode, you can listen to Grioli’s appearance on a different podcast earlier this year here. [August 16, 2019–58 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Overcast | Breaker | Website Link


  • Software Engineering Daily: a16z Podcasting with Sonal Chokshi. Chokshi is the editor in chief at Andreessen Horowitz and the showrunner for the a16z podcast. She provides great insights on why a firm like a16z chose to use the podcast medium as part of their business strategy. She explains why they chose to start the podcast, thoughts on the podcasting medium in general and what she really likes (more personal than blogging, some of the issues that need to be worked on (need better forms of curation), and where she thinks podcasting will go from here.[August 9, 2019–48 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Overcast | Breaker | Website Link


  • Odd Lots: What Negative Interest Rates Mean for the World. The Odd Lots group is joined by Viktor Shvets, Macquarie’s Head of Asia Strategy. It’s a great episode on the diminishing effects of monetary policy by global central banks and how economic cycles are continually getting shorter. He proceeds to explain how all this leads him to believe a significant portion of the world will have negative interest rates in the near future.[August 12, 2019–37 minutesiTunes Podcast | Spotify | Overcast | Breaker | Website Link

Here’s ours:

Episode #170: Bill Martin, “On The Short Side, Position Sizing Is The Biggest Driver Of Success”

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