Top Podcasts of the Week

Below are the top podcasts of the week!


1.  Behind the Markets Jeremy Schwartz:  Brandon Zick

Private fund focused on farmland investing, which I learned has only about 2%! institutional ownership…

2.  Bogleheads on Investing Rick Ferri with John Bogle

Excited to see this podcast develop!

3.  The Curious Investor: Taking Stock of Stock Myths

The discussion gets into investment risk, specifically home bias, market timing, CAPE ratios, and inflation.

4.  Masters of Business with Dave Nadig

Nadig has forgotten more about ETFs than I will ever know.  Always worth a listen…


POTPOURRI (Not investment related but still great)

1.  Jeff Bezos at The Economic Club of Washington

Not a podcast but a great video well worth watching!

2.  The James Altucher Show: Yuval Noah Harari – Are You Imagining The Future Correctly?

James Altucher interviews Yuval Harari, an expert on human evolution and author of Sapiens. Yuval discusses evolution, how the agricultural revolution impacted the human species, where the species is going with the use of AI, the idea that humans are hackable animals, how AI could replace the middle class, and what it might take to re-train those who lose jobs in such a scenario.

3.  Tim Ferriss Show: Hamilton Morris on Better Living Through Chemistry: Psychedelics, Smart Drugs, and More 

Hamilton has a fun TV show worth watching too…


Meb‘s Episode

Phil Haslett, “It’s a Place to Connect Interested Buyers and Interested Sellers…in Late-Stage, Pre-IPO Tech Shares”

Good investing,
Meb Faber