Top Stocks for 2018

I used to love attending the stockpicking charity events like Sohn, but my problem as a quant is that all of the ideas sound great to me.  Maybe I’m just an optimist, but here is a really fund PDF from SumZero.

Recall that Wes did a study and found value in the stock picks of the SumZero community here:

The Investment Value of Contrarian Buy-Side Recommendations

Quote then download:

“The SumZero Top Stocks for 2018 PDF has arrived. This PDF contains 15 actionable research ideas from the SumZero community of over 15,000 buyside fund professionals. Selections were determined by a panel of over 40 senior fund professionals and asset allocators.

The Top Stocks report is designed to showcase the 5 Winners and 10 Finalists of the 2nd Annual SumZero Top Stocks Challenge, an investment research competition executed in partnership with Sohn Conference Foundation and Canalyst.”


Top Stocks for 2018

also here


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Meb Faber