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Long time readers know that we find great value in a number of the resources for investors to find new ideas.  Here is a link on our website that lists various conferences throughout the year (I’m speaking at the online Best Ideas conference coming up on January 8-9.)

There are also a few great websites that are closed door “clubs” for value investors to share ideas.  One is Joel Greenblatt’s Value Investing Club, and the other is SumZero.  Research has shows there is a lot of value in these websites, and our friend Wes Gray has a paper here on SumZero, and hopefully you have seen some of our research on 13F ideas.

SumZero was founded years ago as a way for hedge funds to share buy side ideas.  The have since launched a few new products, one being SumZero elite, which comes as a newsletter twice a month with various alpha ideas for a cost of $129 per month.  Below is a sample of one of their alpha ideas ( a 49 page PDF), and you can find more info here to Demo SumZero’s Enhanced Research Product.

Here are a few charts and quotes from the piece:

“Changes in technology have destroyed the profitability of multiple industries in recent years, including the newspaper and music businesses. In the media space, the next business that will be reinvented by technology is television. The profitability of owning TV networks is being undermined by digital video recorders, internet-enabled on-demand viewing, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and piracy/theft. Further, amateur content is taking up an increasing portion of viewers’ attention.

Consumption of network and cable content is taking place in ways that allow viewers to circumvent high monthly cable bills, avoid watching commercials, or both. Every single one of these changes represents a move to a revenue model that is less profitable than the one currently enjoyed by TV networks. It is only a matter of time before the revenue and profitability of the networks begins to fall.”


Download the PDF here:

TV is Next

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About SumZero

SumZero ( is the world’s largest community of hedge fund, mutual fund, and private equity fund professionals. With over 8,000 pre-screened investors, SumZero fosters the creation and sharing of thousands of deeply-vetted, buyside-driven investment reports every year and offers a variety of proprietary networking tools to catalyze idea sharing in the industry. SumZero’s membership base currently includes thousands of the world’s largest and most prominent institutional funds.

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