Ultra Long Trends

I’ve featured Eric Crittenden and Cole Wilcox a number of times on the blog over the years with their previous firm, Blackstar.  They have changed the name to Longboard (which being a rather poor but aspiring surfer I like), and have recently launched their first public managed futures fund.  They have been running a private stock trendfollowing fund for a number of years.

A few of their pieces of research I have highlighted over the years include:

More recently they have put out a few new pieces of content, and below are a few charts before the downloads:



Download the content here:

The Case for Managed Futures

Here is a fun 30 minute podcast with Michael Covel, and his The Little Book of Trading: Trend Following Strategy for Big Winnings.

About Longboard

Longboard Asset Management
Longboard Mutual Funds
Fund Fact Sheet

An alternative approach to navigating the investment ocean.Longboard is an asset management firm specializing in trend following managed futures strategies. The firm’s principals have been investing in and researching trend following strategies since the late 1990s.

Financial advisors and their clients increasingly understand the need to further diversify their portfolios with alternative strategies such as managed futures. Historically, access to managers in this space has largely been limited to hedge funds offering their services to institutions and ultra-high net worth investors in the form of private limited partnerships.

Today, Longboard is rethinking managed futures by offering direct access to our flagship Pure Trend™ managed futures trend following strategy with the convenience of a traditional mutual fund.

Pure Trend™ Managed Futures Strategy

  • Seeks to be Non-Correlated
  • Ultra Long Term Trend Following
  • Global Markets
  • Active Risk Control Process